Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Dumbing Down the Dumb Ass

I'll give Eric credit for the title of this post. His reason for avoiding our Dumb Ass Training runs is that he doesn't want to dumb down his Dumb Ass experience. Fair enough.

Arthur was the one who encouraged me to schedule some "orientation" sessions on the course of the Tiger Dumb Ass 50k fun run. We've scheduled eight Tuesday evening runs leaving the lower lot at 6pm.

Two down, six to go

Last week it was just Scott Krell and I. We didn't expect any other suckers and we decided to do one loop at a cheeky pace. Scott tore up Nook in about 37 minutes and then we settled into a cruise pace for the rest of the loop (we just made sure our night time loop time was better than Roy's PR).

Scott Krell

Roy Seliber

Tonight Scott is out of town and I was lucky enough to find one other victim to join me. Shawn and I did a very respectable two loop session: a mere half marathon with almost 5000 ft of gain in about 3 hours. "Not bad for a school night" according to Shawn. This was supposed to be Arthur's first session with us but he had some lame excuse (broken ribs from an accident or something). Hey Arthur, all you had to do was say "I don't want to run with you guys". No need to go to extremes.

Shawn McTaggart

Join us next week, November 4th 2008 at 6pm:
- condition your hill climbing muscles
- get familiar with the course
- have a good solid weekday workout

Click on the event on the calendar for details and contact info.

Michael Cartwright

PS - In case you hadn't noticed, I decided to add some faces to names. Something we should do more of.