Monday, September 22, 2008

Big Dabrowski - run as a marathon today

We had a bit of trouble with the original version of this run so we adjusted a bit. Bellevue Parks didn't want us running the final stretch through Coal Creek until they have finished their trailwork so we adjusted the length down from 50k to a marathon. DNR didn't want us to have an "event" on Tiger so we went low key and gave up on trail markings and aid stations.
7am at the Highway 18 trailhead saw a group of 5 diehards who ignored the crappy weather and decided to run anyway. The gate to the upper lot was closed so we decided to start from the lowerlot and figure out later how to add some extra credit distance to get our marathon credit.

Yours truly at the bottom of the One View trail. By the time we left Tiger Mountain we had over 15 miles behind us.

We had a vehicle parked at the 15 mile mark on the course where we resupplied with water and other goodies. The coke was good.

There is a short section of street running between Tiger and Squawk.

Dean Kayler cruising on Squawk Mountain.

Van Phan clocking up another back-to-back with a smile: Baker Lake 50k yesterday, Big Dabrowski marathon today. She also kept us honest with a 1.6 mile side trip up to the Bullitt Fireplace to make sure we got the distance. This involved some extra climbing credit (about +600 ft) but Van pointed out that only half of the out-and-back was uphill.

Shawn McTaggart cruising Squawk Mountain. Also a long weekend starting with course marking on Baker Lake on Friday night.

Finishers at Red Town Trailhead - seemed like a long day for a a marathon until you factor in the nature of the trails and the amount of climb:
  • Dean Kayler - 6:39:19
  • Shawn McTaggart - 6:39:19
  • Tony Covarrubias - 6:39:19
  • Michael Cartwright - 6:39:19
  • Van Phan - 6:39:20 (DFL)
Thanks to Tamara for helping with the crewing and to Scott for being there in case we needed you. Sorry we missed you at the start, Craig.

Vital statistics:
  • 27 miles
  • 7150 ft elevation gain
  • 8000 ft elevation loss

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