Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Local High School Foot Ball Team "Conquers" Tiger Mountain

After taking a hike up the Nook Trail and Section Line to the top of T3 we discovered the source of the power bar wrappers on top. About 40-50 high school kids and their coaches from a junior foot ball team decided that Tiger Mountain would make for a good training hill. Unfortunately the level of testosterone on top of T3 did little for the fragile environment of the trees and litter left behind.

A few shots were captured showing what the players left in the tree tops, on the ground and coach yelling out for their departure back to the parking lot.


Tamara said...

Leave No Trace ... don't they teach that anymore? Being tough on the football field is one thing, but coach - you need to give these kids the correct views regarding our fragile wild lands.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

Michael said...

Appalling lack of respect for the mountain!
Fortunately almost all "casual" traffic on Tiger Mountain is limited to the T3 trail so at least the damage by hooligans is contained.