Monday, August 18, 2008

Blanchard Mountain Ultra 2008 - Accounting

As promised, here is the accounting from the event.

We raised $445 in donations. Thanks to all those who contributed.

Our food costs were about $113. It isn't that simple though since we took stock from the NW Ultras stash like water and cokes. We also have left over supplies that will go back into the NW Ultras stash.

At each NW Ultras event, we spend some money on assets and long term improvements. For this event, I made 6 "Trail Run" signs for driving directions from the freeway exit to the start/finish area. Each large sign costs about $5 which includes color print, lamination and other materials (like stakes). I also added 24 more "directional" (arrows and wrong way) lost dog signs (about $3.50 per small sign) to the collection.

Long story short: the "profit" was about $200 and I'll be sending a check to the Chuckanut Conservancy in the name of "NW Ultras" and "Trail Runners who care about Blanchard Mountain".

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