Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Blanchard Mountain Ultra 2008 - Results

Overlook View

We had 25 runners (12 women, 12 men, 1 canine). 9 runners did the full 3 loops (plus Jim but he did part of his day with a backpack full of puppies so that doesn't count). 2 runners did a marathon distance variation. Everybody had fun and I think those running fewer loops had the more social day since they got to hang out at the finish and gab while the eager went out in the heat for their 3rd loop.


The best time for 3 loops of 5:13 was run by Michael Verdonk. He had never run a marathon or ultra event before but had run longer training runs (and paced Bad Water). We hope to see more great things from him in future. His fastest loop was 1:35. Nicole Seana also delivered a stellar sub-six hour performance with 5:54. Her fastest loop was 1:46. They both had pretty darn impressive days despite the heat we experienced.

Team Turquoise

Nicole Finishing

You can download the full results with splits from here: results.
(If there is a spelling mistake in your name, you need to improve your handwriting ;-)

Thanks for all the donations: after expenses, we PayPal'd $200 to the Chuckanut Conservancy (more detailed accounting in the previous post).

Nice to know folks out there are spreading the word. The contribution is very much appreciated.
- Ken Wilcox (Chuckanut Conservancy)

Get yourself a map of Chuckanut, Blanchard and more (and support the Conservancy): buy map.

And by the way, we appreciate all the positive feedback we've had.
- Jim, Tamara and Michael.

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