Sunday, July 20, 2008

Knee Knackering - 2008

These photos from Knee Knackering 2008 were taken by a variety of photographers on the day. This 50k is run every year in Vancouver, British Columbia. It follows the Baden-Powell Trail from Horseshoe Bay to Deep Cove - 30 Miles.

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The course provides runners with magnificent city, mountain and ocean views, as they go up and over the mountains which grace the North Shore of the city of Vancouver, climbing 8,000 feet and descending another 8,300 feet in the process. Running Wild magazine has recognized the race as one of 25 toughest races in North America.

Two hundred runners at the start at Horseshoe Bay just before 6am.

The course is notorious not just for the elevation gains and losses but also for the appalling trail footing. In short, an excellent trail running experience.

The first 7.5m include an unbelievably good hill climb. It feels like the equivalent of two stacked Nook climbs on Tiger Mountain. Trail quality varies a lot but is mostly regular trail running quality. As you can see from this picture, there are some exceptionally novel sections too.

The summit of the first climb is its own reward: the view is fantastic. We had great weather this year: wall to wall blue skies and mild temperatures.
The 2nd quarter or the course is one long downhill. This is me (Michael) enjoying the free ride. I'm no good at running on flat ground, can hold my own power walking uphill but, with the help of gravity and underdeveloped common sense faculties, downhills are a blast.

Here is Scott on his way to his 5th Knee Knackering finish. It was Scott that got me interested in the event in the first place. It's the most interesting 50k course I've run so far and should be on every Seattle ultra runner's hitlist. You need to run it at least once. Note: it will probably be habit forming.

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